Every woman wants her wedding to be picture perfect, but what happens when the bride is the acting sartorial compass for Metro Manila’s young fashionistas? Daryl Chang has been producing fashion editorials for Preview magazine and telling you what to wear since 2011. And just recently, played art director together with Vince Uy  as well for her own wedding to long-time partner-in-crime and fellow creative, Mano Lotho. The two got hitched in style last April in Cebu. It was a classic ceremony with a fun, unconventional twist that consisted of food-hall style receptions, “creative formal” dress codes, and “phantom” wedding rings that Mano designed himself. The wedding was a celebration not just of love, but of art, fun, and fashion It was a humbling experience to be trusted by Daryl and Mano to be the official photographer for their special day. Photographing these two quirky creatives on their big day was a real treat. I got witness to one of the most anticipated fashion weddings of the year. It would be an understatement to simply call it “Pinterest-worthy” — the Daryl-Mano wedding was one for the books. Head over to https://vimeo.com/173333397 for the full video.